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Health Ministry of Brienia’s statement on coronavirus

To prevent coronavirus from getting to your body:

  • Don’t interact with people coming from China, virus has began in Chinda and avoid them
  • Wear mask
  • Don’t eat food coming from China, in China, it started, but, it started from food and way they make food in China
  • Eat healthy food, drink milk and please, drink natural and organic drinks, not coming from industry, especially from China, eat healthy food, organic and natural coming from farmer that has proof of food being healthy, milk is really healthy and brings anti-bodies and neutrons into organs and it helps body’s imune system
  • Avoid China in any kind
  • Keep in touch with media and press

This virus has been discovered in Wahun, in China, it beggin with spreading to fast. There are currently, in time of writing this article, 106 deaths and a lot of infected, currently 9 000 people. This virus can easily trick you, as symptoms are close to common cold or flu, but it is way dangeours, as SARS, even worse. It is infection of lungs and breathing system. There are a lot of videos of people falling on floor from coronavirus. It has been currently, by 28.1.2020., identified in USA, France, China, Thailand, North Korea, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam. So be careful and follow media and press and don’t panic, thank you.


By Ivan Gabriel Brienovich I.

Leader of Brienia.

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