Micronational problems

Do MicroWiki Admins opress free speech?

In recent days, a lot of people have started with complains about MicroWiki Admins because of “free speech opression”, but, is that true? Are they opressing free speech? Let us explain. MicroWiki is not a public forum, it is private forum. Public forums are not centered and there is full freedom of speech and right to do what person wants to do, becaue it is a public forum, there are no certain requirements to be part of public forum. Private forum, on other side, are more closed, private forums are private. That means that one person can’t do something that does not follow the rules, if the rule is “No swearing”, there should be no swearing, public forums do not have rules. Opressing free speech differs with rules, opressing free speech is not allowing individual to say something, on other side, rules are limiting free speech to not cause drama and problems. Main difference between those two is that opression does not allow different opinion, rules allow different opinion, but they are limiting way we want to express it. Saying that MicroWiki admins opress free speech is not correct. When person opresses, people who he opresses, need to follow his opression, and behind that opression is certain threat, when person opresses, they are doing that for their own “benefit”. Rules are not like that, rules are here to keep peace and to stop drama and problems, there is no certain threat when person breaks rules, person who breaks them are warned to follow the rules.

What if I don’t want to follow rules?

You can leave, no one is silling you to be in private forum. Avoid themes that are not allowed in that private forum, is it so hard?

But I want to defend/attack individual, how can I do that?

Ask admins if you have right, if you are going to publish anything, be unbiased and use facts.

Why admins do not allow me to publish my article?

Because your article is probably biased, or insulting, or talks about theme that is not allowed in that private forum, if admin does not allow you to publish your article because his opinion does not meets with yours, ask another admin to allow you or ask forum owner.

I feel that my free speech is opressed, what do I do?

Follow the rules or leave forum, as said, if you do not agree with rules, leave the forum. Your free speech is not opressed nor attacked, your speech is limited because of keeping peace.


By Ivan Gabriel Brienovich I.

Leader of Brienia.

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