NATO is failure

Why we need a new defence alliance.

Currently as of writing there is only a handful of NATO countries spends the 2 percent of GDP on defence. The USA and UK can not protect the rest of Europe from Russia. France and Germany (who both have GDPs in the trillions of US dollars). Only one of the Baltic states (Estonia) spends the recommended 2 percent on GDP. I believe that Europe needs to stand on their own 2 feet. The USA and UK is saving Europe. It is more important for us to help South Korea and Japan. Areas that are much more important rather then Europe. Europe is constantly moaning at France,the UK and USA for having Nuclear weapons but they need to deal with that without them Russia will be annexing them. The current NATO members are ridiculous we need to help countries with very likely threats of invasion like the Ukraine, not a current member of NATO and would not complain at the USA and UK’s nuclear weapons. That’s why I believe we need a new alliance with other countries that are our stronger allies, for example Australia is a very strong all that has a great industry in fire arms and actually is a loyal ally that does not try to cut military spending. Also we should include our allies in Africa to stop the spread of China’s influence on the content. For example South Africa still has a stronger relationship with the west. Do we really want South Africa rich in resources to turn to the east? Also we have strong Asian allies like Taiwan which China is bossing them around. I believe that China should leave Taiwan alone, they love the USA and UK and buy lots of American made weapons. Another group of countries that actually deserves our help is the US and UK’s allies in the Middle East. Thanks to our lack of interest Qatar was moved from a western ally to an ally of the east. The UAE has lots of money which they also spend it on defence. Oman actually does not ever get angry about America’s moves in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia actually ha shad a long relationship with the west, why are we not rewarding that? In Latin America there are 2 examples, for the US. Colombia has long backed the USA in all matters but when communist rebels make war in Colombia the USA is to focused on Europe, why do they. deserve to be treated so well. For the UK I believe that we have focused to long on Europe and should begin with our longest South American ally, Chile. Chile has always backed the UK, for example during the Falklands war who did they back Argentina, their neighbour 

Argentina or the UK a far of European ally. France sold weapons to the Argentines during the war, so we are rewarding France for selling weapons to the enemy? Stupid!

Article writen by Boyo May


By Ivan Gabriel Brienovich I.

Leader of Brienia.

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