How is GUM doing?

Best micronational organisation on the world for ones and useless organisation for others, Grand Unified Micronational is oldest active micronational organisation, that outlived Organisation of Active Micronations, but, how is it doing? First, we need to know what is Grand Unified Micronational, GUM is micronational organisation created in 2009 by few micronationalists, it’s main objectives are intermicronational diplomacy and is the most popular micronational organisation. Organisation is very active and very professional organisation having currently (by April 2020) Thomas of Hrafnarfjall as Chairman and Lord Matthew of Essexia as Vice-Chairman. Organisation’s legislative power is called Quorum of Delegates and meeting is every 2nd and 4th Saturday in month, every two weeks to be precise and usual themes on Quorums are membership applications and membership elevations. First Chairman was Kalvin Koolidge of Republic of Petorio who is also first Vice-Chairman. Chairman is elected and his term is long six months, Vice-Chairman is selected by Chairman and his term is also long six months. Longest serving Chairman was Jonathan of Austenasia who served one year and half and longest acting Vice-Chairman was Max I. of the Kingdom of Jupiter. There were 30 Chairmans of GUM and 30 Vice-Chairmans. GUM is currently doing good, being most popular organisation on MicroWiki. Grand Unified Micronational is effective organisation, that can provide a lot for it’s members.

Current Chairman of GUM
(Thomas of Hrafnarfjall)
Current Vice-Chairman of GUM
(Matthew of Essexia)

Is it worth joining?

Yes. GUM is very effective and professional organisation. Their current interesting project is “Sister Cities Program”.

I heard bad words about GUM, what to do?

That is something totally normal, everyone has opinion, it can be negative or positive. Hovewer, Kingdom’s Voice suggests first researching deeply into organisation’s functions.

I am rejected, what to do?

Find your mistakes, try to fix them and become professional and reapply for one month, if you are banned, take that time for establishing diplomatic relations with it’s members.

External links

Grand Unified Micronational MicroWiki page
Chair of the GUM MicroWiki page
Vice-Chair of the GUM MicroWiki page


By Ivan Gabriel Brienovich I.

Leader of Brienia.

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