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Brienia closes it’s borders until end of March

Due to coronavirus outbreak, and lot’s of death, Government of Brienia has decided to close borders until 31st March 2020. All visits to Brienia will be closed, except if private. Every travel from China or to China will not be possible, we urge our citizens to be cautious and careful, to care about hygene, to eat healthy. Even though this virus isn’t as deadly as SARS, this virus has killed currently (by 29th February 2020) 2,933 and 85,690 are infected (info taken from SITE). This virus can easily come to every country, because it is hard to detect it, it has very identical symptoms as common cold, SARS or any other virus coming from family of viruses “coronaviridae”. Thank you for reading.


By Ivan Gabriel Brienovich I.

Leader of Brienia.

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