About us


Kingdom of Brienia is micronation located in Croatia and is made on 2nd of February 2018. and it’s founded by Ivan Gabriel Brienovich I., King of Brienia. Then it was called Principality of Obador, which will be later Kingdom of Obador. Principality will also experience it’s first major conflict when Bihteria, neighbour of Ermenstein, then Obador, declared war on us, Bihteria was weak and easy to defeat, so, Obador won. Strugles for Obador didn’t ended, Democratic Classis Republic declared conflict were unification process started. When Unification endedm final results was Ultimative Monoslavian Kingdom, where, as Ivan lost his original nation, starting this confederacy, he ruled as dictator and in some ways, tyrant. Monoslavia after it, attacked what was rest of Bihteria and defeated them. Monoslavia was secular nation. Parlament of Monoslavia decided that Monoslavia should be communist state, well, Ivan didn’t accepted that and he made uprising against communist parlament, but, they made deal, making People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Greater Monoslavia, into Republic of Monoslavia, and, those were final words of President before ending Republic: “Give me my bellowed monarchy”, so he declared Ultimative Monoslavian Kingdom. But, well, UMK joined Twitter where it changed to The Holy Monoslavian Kingdom, but, as time passed, it became The Holy Monoslavian Empire. Problems with Kaissereich of Adlersland started here. Adlersland became secular state, and Monoslavia was against it. It ended after KA dissvoling The Kaissereich. Obador, federal state of Bihteria, conqured Monoslavia creating The Holy Obadorian Empire. Obador got hate, when it began with weird claims on Twitter and federal states proclaiming independence. Northern Union, micronation in America, shot last shot on Obador and Obadorian Government has fallen. Ivan rebuild government into Grand Kingdom of Obador, which will be taken down and then Grand Duchy of Ermenstein began. But, it didn’t lasted long, Kingdom of Brienia was proclaimed.

Coat of arms