Analysis Micronational problems

Why did Ethan Brown changed his nation?

Micronations sometimes change, will it be flag, coat of arms of government, that is on them to decide, it is totally normal for nation to change once or twice in two months. There was one case where leader, Ethan Brown, now Brever, changed his nation’s identity every week.

When Principality of Brienia joined Micronational Twitter, The Holy Christian Republic of Braunland acted very kindly and Principality of Brienia, then Ultimative Monoslavian Kingdom, saw The Holy Christian Republic of Braunland as good friend and ally, on the end they turned out to be completly evil, non-Christian and unprofessional nation, with their leader becoming atheist and starting Kaissereich of Adlersland and becoming secular. Before it, there were a lot of Braunland nations, and unfortunately, those are his nations from April 2019 to May 2019:

-Christian Braunland

-Republic of Braunland

-Christian Tsenkyo

-Ivanist Tsenkyo

-Monarchist Tsenkyo

-Ivanist Tsenkyo #2

-Fitzish state


-Fascist Ruhmland



-Dominion of Tzimiske

-Proposed Molossian teritorry

-Proposed Sealandian teritorry

-People’s Republic of Braunland

-Proposed Westarctican teritorry

Keep in mind that this is only from April of 2019 to May 2019. His micronationalism ended on 1st of October 2019 by sexually harrasing his friend’s girlfriend.

Reason he changed his nation that often is: he was bored

He was bored, he though that he made everything he could for nation, even though he didn’t, he didn’t established ministry of foreign affairs, ministries, he didn’t organized his government, and he was bored with his nation, so he restarted Braunland always. Thank you for Attention.

Old Braunlandian flag