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Kingdom of Yugoslavia was best version of Yugoslavia

At the end of 1st world war, also called Great War, Empires were divided. Serbia anexed: Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Slovenia, first name was Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovens, decision was made by Prime Minister of Kingdom of Serbia when there was question: “Great Serbia, or united Yugoslavic nation?”, he choose united Yugoslavic nation. Due to complicated name, it was changed to Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Kingdom of Yugoslavia was constitutional monarchy ruled by prime minister, but ceremonial, Karađorđević dynasty. First ruler was Aleksandar I. Karađorđević. It was non-secular and utopia. 2nd World war began, and Kingdom of Yugoslavia got messed up. Croatia, well not exactly Croatia, Independent State of Croatia, puppet state of Germany ruled by Ante Pavelić. Independent State of Croatia was really violent and evil (BRUTAL EXAMPLES COMING, ONLY FOR ADULTS) for example: they made soap from human flesh, they killed Croats and Children, by(BRUTAL CONTENT) sticking needles into their eyes and a lot of brutal things that are not for newspapers.

After 2nd world war, Yugoslavia was restored, but not as constitutional liberal monarchy, but like socialist state called “Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” ruled by Josip Broz, also called Tito or Josip Broz Tito. He banned religion and it’s practices, socialism is great evil that should be removed from government. Tito died and things got confusing. Who will lead nation? Miloshevich, Serbian president, took title of president of Yugoslavia. Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia declared independence. Macedonia got it’s independence on peaceful way, in Slovenia some people were killed(very little), Croatia got into war with Serbia on 1991. Thousands of people died, most destroyed city was Vukovar, city of heroes, 1 French soldier lost his life in war: Letter from his mom:

“To you, my son Jean-Michel,

On July 1, 2019, he would be 53 years old. In November, it will be 28 years since we search for 63 missing sheep bodies from Ovcara. Without success! Damn the war!
Part of my being, including reason, has gone with you. Your presence, your smile, your kindness, our conversations… All this makes your absence difficult.
“There is no one being and everything is desolate.” As for me, that’s right!
You’re with me all the time. We will meet someday, if God willing!


(Ovčara was place where mass of Croatians were killed on brutal way)

War in Bosnia and Herzegovina began 1992 and ended 1995 just when war in Croatia ended.

If we look everything, Kingdom of Yugoslavia was best version of Yugoslavia.

Aleksandar I. Karađorđević
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Yugoslavia