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Since the beginning of the year two thousand and twenty (2020), more and more people have been infected by an unknown virus called by medicine “COVID-2019”, although it is popular to call this virus coronavirus or corona, and can also be found somewhere “2019-nCoV”. Viruses are recognized as both non-living and living beings, living by that it is made of cells and fights for its survival, and non-living by that it cannot multiply by itself but needs a cell and because it has no specific purpose in nature, it just kills and has no purpose. This virus, COVID-2019, and including its entire family (the Coronaviridae family), enters the body via the mouth, nose or eyes. When inside an infected body, COVID-2019 finds a cell it enters via a “key” on its surface, viruses have two ways of multiplying in the cell; via RNA or via DNA, in this case, the virus can release it’s RNA samples into a cell that starts to make more viruses, incubation lasts 5-14 days, and on the final day, the virus newborns leave the cell, destroying the cell in process . The virus attacks organs, which can lead to organ failure, but if the immune system is healthy, the system will send several of its protectors that capture the virus cells, after a while, the body starts making leukocytes (white blood cells) and anti-bodies. Because of the leukocyte buildup, the infected person may experience joint pain. This same process happens with both SARS and MRSA. In order to protect ourselves, we first need to know the symptoms:

  • Sneezing, because the body thus ejects dead cells
  • Coughing, because the body eliminates bacteria in this way
  • A runny nose because the body eliminates dead viruses in this way
  • Temperature because it helps the immune system function better and makes it harder for the virus to destroy the immune system
  • Joint and knee pain because the body thus produces leukocytes that are necessary for the immune system
  • Fatigue, which helps the body focus on the virus

Now that we know the symptoms, here are some ways to protect yourself from COVID-2019:

  • Wear a mask and gloves in public
  • Disinfect and wash your hands more often
  • Avoid public gatherings and public events
  • Home insulation

Be a meter away from the household and four meters away from other people outside your home

The Government of the Republic of Croatia closed all borders and initiated self-isolation, so did the Government of the Kingdom of Brienia, which closed all borders and initiated isolation at the beginning of March, ending at the end of March 2020.

We would like to warn everyone of this virus, Brienian Government will contact Japanese citizen to give us info. COVID-2019 cases have been discovered in several micronations, including Popular Union of Occitania. Brienia is in state of isolation, which means that no one can get in. Virus has killed many, thousands, taken life from people’s loved ones, from grannies, grandpas, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, so follow the rules, and don’t leave home, thank you,

-King Ivan of Briens

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Brienia closes it’s borders until end of March

Due to coronavirus outbreak, and lot’s of death, Government of Brienia has decided to close borders until 31st March 2020. All visits to Brienia will be closed, except if private. Every travel from China or to China will not be possible, we urge our citizens to be cautious and careful, to care about hygene, to eat healthy. Even though this virus isn’t as deadly as SARS, this virus has killed currently (by 29th February 2020) 2,933 and 85,690 are infected (info taken from SITE). This virus can easily come to every country, because it is hard to detect it, it has very identical symptoms as common cold, SARS or any other virus coming from family of viruses “coronaviridae”. Thank you for reading.

Micronational problems

Is there democracy in Brienia?

Kingdom of Brienia is totally liberal and democratic, those are one of our founding principles. But, Kingdom of Brienia was not always democratic. From beggining, Kingdom of Brienia was based on Tehnocracy, system of government in which voters were selected by their talents and knowledge. Kingdom of Brienia became democracy after the Classic War that occured as an result of making, then, Obador tehnocratic. After it, Monoslavia became democracy, Christian Democracy. After Obador got all of Monoslavia, democracy was abolished. But, as micronations like Pretorsia and Northern Union continued with striking Obador, Obador has fallen, a lot of duchies leaving it and loosing support from allies, Grand Kingdom of Obador was created which had full democratic system with Grand King having no political power (constitutional monarchy), that idea wasn’t really nice to monarch, so, government of Grand Kingdom of Obador has fallen once and for all times. On 22th August 2019, Grand Duchy of Ermenstein was created, but, this time, as an absolute elective monarchy, with a lot of democracy, but, democracy in meaning of liberalism, citizens couldn’t vote. But, after some time, Brienia changed it’s government to Absolute Hereditarian Monarchy with Liberalism and Democracy, and citizens could vote. After long time, Brienia finally became Kingdom of Brienia with few “Liberalization acts”(act of giving more freedom), so Brienia became liberal Christian democracy with no secular system of government. But, in January 2020, there was debate on returning to tehnocracy. The thing was stoped and rejected by King due to micronational community calling him dictator and tyrant.

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Kingdom of Brienia in 2020

For seven days is new year and government of the Kingdom of Brienia is making statistics:

-population: 34 most of them being male

-religion: 2 atheist, 22 Christian Catholics,1 Orthodox Christian, 8 undefined

-ethnicity: 1 Spanish, 2 French, 1 Zealand, 1 USA, 27 Croats, 1 Indian, 1 Serbian

Kingdom of Brienia wishes you Merry Christmas and we want from you people to spend it with your family and friends, we hope that you have great Christmas and New Year, to spend it with your loved ones! VIVA CRISTO REY!

Macronational problems

Croatia should adopt monarchy

Map of Kingdom of Croatia

Republic of Croatia should become monarchy. Kingdom of Croatia, Kingdom formed in middle ages, was utopia and it was liberal, Croatia should get monarchy back.

Over forty percent of Croatians would love to see a return to a monarchy in the country. According to a new survey carried out by the Croatian monarchist group “Consilium Regium Croaticum” two-fifths of the people questioned were in favour of the country having a royal family again. Forty-one percent of the 1,759 people questioned were in favour whilst fifty-eight percent said they wanted a constitutional parliamentary republic.

The Kingdom of Croatia was part of the Habsburg Monarchy that existed between 1527 and 1868, also known between 1804 and 1867 as the Austrian Empire. Until the 18th century, the Habsburg Kingdom of Croatia included only a small north-western part of present-day Croatia around Zagreb and a small strip of coastland around Rijeka. The Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia was created in 1868 by merging the kingdoms of Croatia and Slavonia following the Croatian–Hungarian Settlement. On 29 October 1918, Austro-Hungarian Slavs declared independence and formed the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs.

The Croatian monarchist group commented on their website that “The poll showed that Croats tend to be more a traditional society, which reflects its history since Croatia until the second half of the 20th century was always a monarchy.” Adding that “there are a large number of Catholics and traditionalism in regards of religion could favour the monarchy and be against a republic.”

In Croatia, there are currently two pretenders to the Croatian throne. They are Crown Prince Karlo Habsburško-Lotarinški and Crown Prince Amedeo Zvonimir of Savoy-Aosta. Most Croatian monarchist movements support the Hapsburg family and want its Crown Prince, Karlo, to be their king.

We think that over 40% Croats is enough to bring Croatian monarchy back. Look at Croatia now, really poor country, so we officaly think that Croatia should be Kingdom once again. If our wishes come true, land of Croatia will be bigger as Croatian Kingdom beacuse first king, Tomislav, was ruler of Croatia and Bosnia, with it, Croatia will have much bigger GDP, much more citizens, people of Bosnia and Croatia will not suffer like now, and also, not only Bosnia, but large part of Montenegro, and really small part of Serbia(I will not talk about it) will be Croatia. If Croatia becomes Kingdom, it will also be one of strongest nations in Europe, Diplomacy will get larger. And also, Croatian military will get bigger, wich means that Croatia will get more powerful, not only economical, but also with military. Also, Secularism will be removed from Croatia wich will bring us more love from Pope, wich will also bring better diplomacy with Italy. With that statics, Croatia would be force. Kingdoms are more agricultural than Republic, so it will help Croatia with medicine, and life of peopl will be longer. And also, it will be best if Croatian Kingdom will be hereditary, beacuse you know “Apple doesn’t fall far from tree”.

Look at Spain, they are Kingdom, and there live richest people. Also, these days teachers are protesting beacuse our “very good” politians don’t want to give them good payment.

Also, Divine Right theory, wich atheists really hate, will be established.

It will be Utopia, but there is only one problem that doesn’t allow us to become Kingdom, politics. Croatian politicians think that they are democratic, wich is lie. People are dying, they have no job, why? Beacuse politicians are saying “We will give your this and this” but they don’t give us anything. And votings are rigged. Instead of being democratic state, should we be liberal state? Also, abortional rights should be abolished, “Why?” you ask, beacuse it is killing children, giving away their chance for living.

Science teach us that there is no God, but they lie, there is God, almighty, powerful, immortal, all seeing, always here.

Monarchy doesn’t allow abortion, monarchy doesn’t allow killing.

Also, very unnecesary laws.