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Brienia put travel ban on several countries

All countries Brienia put travel ban

Following COVID-2019, Brienia already closed it’s borders, but now, Brienia put travel ban on countries listen bellow, those being:

  • United States of America
  • Russian Federation
  • Republic of Brasil
  • Republic of Croatia
  • Republic of Italy
  • Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of France
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Kosovo(not recognised)
  • Holy See
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Most Serene Republic of San Marino
  • Republic of Montenegro
  • Greek Republic

Brienian Government has confirmed that there are no COVID-2019 cases in Principality of Brienia. Foreign Minister has confirmed that Japan closed it’s schools and that state emergency is proclaimed, we still urge our citizens to be careful and to wash their hands and wear masks.

News and announcements


Since the beginning of the year two thousand and twenty (2020), more and more people have been infected by an unknown virus called by medicine “COVID-2019”, although it is popular to call this virus coronavirus or corona, and can also be found somewhere “2019-nCoV”. Viruses are recognized as both non-living and living beings, living by that it is made of cells and fights for its survival, and non-living by that it cannot multiply by itself but needs a cell and because it has no specific purpose in nature, it just kills and has no purpose. This virus, COVID-2019, and including its entire family (the Coronaviridae family), enters the body via the mouth, nose or eyes. When inside an infected body, COVID-2019 finds a cell it enters via a “key” on its surface, viruses have two ways of multiplying in the cell; via RNA or via DNA, in this case, the virus can release it’s RNA samples into a cell that starts to make more viruses, incubation lasts 5-14 days, and on the final day, the virus newborns leave the cell, destroying the cell in process . The virus attacks organs, which can lead to organ failure, but if the immune system is healthy, the system will send several of its protectors that capture the virus cells, after a while, the body starts making leukocytes (white blood cells) and anti-bodies. Because of the leukocyte buildup, the infected person may experience joint pain. This same process happens with both SARS and MRSA. In order to protect ourselves, we first need to know the symptoms:

  • Sneezing, because the body thus ejects dead cells
  • Coughing, because the body eliminates bacteria in this way
  • A runny nose because the body eliminates dead viruses in this way
  • Temperature because it helps the immune system function better and makes it harder for the virus to destroy the immune system
  • Joint and knee pain because the body thus produces leukocytes that are necessary for the immune system
  • Fatigue, which helps the body focus on the virus

Now that we know the symptoms, here are some ways to protect yourself from COVID-2019:

  • Wear a mask and gloves in public
  • Disinfect and wash your hands more often
  • Avoid public gatherings and public events
  • Home insulation

Be a meter away from the household and four meters away from other people outside your home

The Government of the Republic of Croatia closed all borders and initiated self-isolation, so did the Government of the Kingdom of Brienia, which closed all borders and initiated isolation at the beginning of March, ending at the end of March 2020.

We would like to warn everyone of this virus, Brienian Government will contact Japanese citizen to give us info. COVID-2019 cases have been discovered in several micronations, including Popular Union of Occitania. Brienia is in state of isolation, which means that no one can get in. Virus has killed many, thousands, taken life from people’s loved ones, from grannies, grandpas, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, so follow the rules, and don’t leave home, thank you,

-King Ivan of Briens

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Brienia closes it’s borders until end of March

Due to coronavirus outbreak, and lot’s of death, Government of Brienia has decided to close borders until 31st March 2020. All visits to Brienia will be closed, except if private. Every travel from China or to China will not be possible, we urge our citizens to be cautious and careful, to care about hygene, to eat healthy. Even though this virus isn’t as deadly as SARS, this virus has killed currently (by 29th February 2020) 2,933 and 85,690 are infected (info taken from SITE). This virus can easily come to every country, because it is hard to detect it, it has very identical symptoms as common cold, SARS or any other virus coming from family of viruses “coronaviridae”. Thank you for reading.

Macronational problems News and announcements

Health Ministry of Brienia’s statement on coronavirus

To prevent coronavirus from getting to your body:

  • Don’t interact with people coming from China, virus has began in Chinda and avoid them
  • Wear mask
  • Don’t eat food coming from China, in China, it started, but, it started from food and way they make food in China
  • Eat healthy food, drink milk and please, drink natural and organic drinks, not coming from industry, especially from China, eat healthy food, organic and natural coming from farmer that has proof of food being healthy, milk is really healthy and brings anti-bodies and neutrons into organs and it helps body’s imune system
  • Avoid China in any kind
  • Keep in touch with media and press

This virus has been discovered in Wahun, in China, it beggin with spreading to fast. There are currently, in time of writing this article, 106 deaths and a lot of infected, currently 9 000 people. This virus can easily trick you, as symptoms are close to common cold or flu, but it is way dangeours, as SARS, even worse. It is infection of lungs and breathing system. There are a lot of videos of people falling on floor from coronavirus. It has been currently, by 28.1.2020., identified in USA, France, China, Thailand, North Korea, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam. So be careful and follow media and press and don’t panic, thank you.

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-Denis Gomez of Reino de Wikonga, for all help, support and all services he done to Kingdom

-Pedro Domingo Lopez, Prime minister of Brienia, for everything he did for Us


-Grant Magic of (now rebuilding) Virgan Republic, for all his kidness

– Joseph Laumemea of Commonwealth of Ederlaand, for all his defending of Kingdom

-Ethan of Eunoia, for our long friendship

-Anthony of Antonian Empire, for his fight for Kingdom

-Arthur of Wachidia, citizen and close friend to Kingdom

-(unknown) of Mendor, for his kidness and help


-Oscar I. of Karnia-Ruthenia, for his nice friendship

-Connor McLean, for his understanding, friendship and his humor

Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic

Reino de Wikonga e Indias Orientales Espanolas

Commonwealth of Ederlaand

Antonian Empire

Dane Republic

Virgan Republic

Federal Republic of Wachidia

Green Socialist Republic of Eunoia

Kingdom of Begonia

United North American Republic

Kumori Sol

Kingdom of Lilliput

Misberian-Calodan Confederation

Kingdom of Damora

Sunaoro Soviet Socialist Republic


Crowned Republic of Egan


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Kingdom of Brienia in 2020

For seven days is new year and government of the Kingdom of Brienia is making statistics:

-population: 34 most of them being male

-religion: 2 atheist, 22 Christian Catholics,1 Orthodox Christian, 8 undefined

-ethnicity: 1 Spanish, 2 French, 1 Zealand, 1 USA, 27 Croats, 1 Indian, 1 Serbian

Kingdom of Brienia wishes you Merry Christmas and we want from you people to spend it with your family and friends, we hope that you have great Christmas and New Year, to spend it with your loved ones! VIVA CRISTO REY!