Micronational problems

Is there democracy in Brienia?

Kingdom of Brienia is totally liberal and democratic, those are one of our founding principles. But, Kingdom of Brienia was not always democratic. From beggining, Kingdom of Brienia was based on Tehnocracy, system of government in which voters were selected by their talents and knowledge. Kingdom of Brienia became democracy after the Classic War that occured as an result of making, then, Obador tehnocratic. After it, Monoslavia became democracy, Christian Democracy. After Obador got all of Monoslavia, democracy was abolished. But, as micronations like Pretorsia and Northern Union continued with striking Obador, Obador has fallen, a lot of duchies leaving it and loosing support from allies, Grand Kingdom of Obador was created which had full democratic system with Grand King having no political power (constitutional monarchy), that idea wasn’t really nice to monarch, so, government of Grand Kingdom of Obador has fallen once and for all times. On 22th August 2019, Grand Duchy of Ermenstein was created, but, this time, as an absolute elective monarchy, with a lot of democracy, but, democracy in meaning of liberalism, citizens couldn’t vote. But, after some time, Brienia changed it’s government to Absolute Hereditarian Monarchy with Liberalism and Democracy, and citizens could vote. After long time, Brienia finally became Kingdom of Brienia with few “Liberalization acts”(act of giving more freedom), so Brienia became liberal Christian democracy with no secular system of government. But, in January 2020, there was debate on returning to tehnocracy. The thing was stoped and rejected by King due to micronational community calling him dictator and tyrant.